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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Automated Basket Forex Trading

This service allow me to send over the trade signal for open & close the trade for the subcriber. This is best services for those who do not have much time for trading but still want to get some baits in this forex market. For the services, please refer to my blog site at the top right " Forex Trading Signal Services" for more information.

Although there are many reasons to trade with zipsignals, auto-executing trades in your MetaTrader (MT4) Account is by far the most desired feature. Our state-of-the-art Expert Advisor (EA) or "robot" program interprets trading signals and executes the signals' instructions in your account without your intervention. This means you do NOT have to wake up or be near a computer 24 hours a day to trade along with a professional. Better still, the automated Forex trading signals are executed in around 5 seconds so you get the best fill possible.

Using the zipsignals automated Forex trading platform, you don't have to give your money to a fund manager or open an account with a broker that is less than reputable. You choose your broker and you keep control of your money.

Many people find that EAs or robots offer the best solution to trading Forex due to their hands-off approach, but have found that most if not all commercial EAs come up short in actual performance. This is due to the inherent limitation in all trading programs - lack of fundamental data when entering and exiting trades. EAs traditionally work by analyzing technical data to trade and do not know about the underlying fundamentals governing these movements. We solve this problem by putting an actual human at the helm. So, in essence, you get an experienced professional Forex trader, trading your account for you, 24 hours a day!

Determining Order Size
Every order in zipsignals contains an Order Size Percent (%) from 1% to 10%. This allows the trader to weigh certain trades over others. This value is interpreted by our Expert Advisor (EA) to determine the lot size.

For example, if you have a standard account balance of $5,000 with 1:100 margin, a 2% order would open 0.1 lot or 2% of your account balance times margin.

5000 * 100 * 0.02 = $10,000 or 10% of a standard $100,000 lot

There are three ways you can customize the EA to interpret the order size percentage into a lot size your comfortable with:

  • Actual Balance - will use your actual account balance to determine lot size. This is the setting to use if you wish to compound. As your account balance raises so does the lot size on new orders.

  • Fixed Balance - will use a fixed balance of your choosing to determine lot size every time.

  • Fixed Lot Size - you can select a fixed lot size that the EA will use to open all orders. If you select a fixed lot size of 1.0, a 2% order will issue a 1.0 lot size and a 10% order will still issue a 1.0 lot size.

Research Forex Trading Systems and Signal Providers
zipsignals gives you the tools you need to research Forex systems and Signal Providers to determine which are right for you based on your risk tolerance. All trades are documented and reported, not just the winners. You will find for each system: trading weeks, total return, max drawdown and monthly average.

Open trades are included in all profit and drawdown calculations so you can see the ACTUAL risks involved. This point is very important as most other sites offering Forex trading systems do not include actual open trade drawdown. Without this data you CANNOT make an informed decision about how much to trade or whether you should trade the system at all.

For instance if "Trader A" enters a trade that goes 1000 pips negative before climbing back to negative 50 pips and closes the order, most other sites will report the 50 pip drawdown. This is not the REAL drawdown as you will experience a REAL margin call (trade liquidation) if you traded this trade with too many lots.

The only data needed to determine if and how much to trade a trading system is REAL drawdown and average monthly return. Of course, length of time is important as this validates the historical drawdown and return data.

For example, "Trading System 1" has a 5% average monthly return with a historical drawdown of 10%. If you have an account valued at $10,000 you could expect $500 a month return on average with the potential to see your account equity reduced by $1,000. This is not exactly true as the system may experience a new historical low while you are trading with it. This is why length of time is important as it validates the historical data.

You won't find the TMI (Too Much Information) here that tends to conceal the risks involved. It may be hard to believe, but you don't need all the junk metrics you see on other sites. All of this data is only useful in distracting and misleading you away from the REAL drawdown.


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